Even for Aircraft!

Martin Brigden-Gwinnutt

My plane is a Kitfox Mk3 with two wing tanks. The wing tanks hold about 23 litres each with a header tank of about 8 litres so it needs a jerry can’s worth of fuel in each.

I used my SuperSpout for the first time last week and I have to say it is a revelation. The normal jerry can attachments I have used before always leak, even when new, and I was expecting SuperSpout to at least drip. Not a chance. Nothing came out from the seal. Absolutely first class seal design.

The next thing that was a revelation is the flange on the spout itself. I let that rest on the fuel tank lip when filling the tanks to take some weight and the fuel stopped as advertised at full tank level for my plane

What a first class product you have manufactured.

Made it to Thailand

Kenneth J A Brookes, Yacht Luna Sea, Phuket, Thailand

We are keen sailors, own a British registered vessel and live in Thailand

I first saw a SuperSpout at Oa Po Marina in Phuket, Thailand on another British registered vessel and the captain gave me the name and suggested that I search the internet. I found your website and bought two SuperSpouts. One will stay in the UK for my son’s Christmas stocking and the other will end up on my boat (pictured) which travels Asia and will eventually return to the UK.

I think it is a fantastic product and less of my fuel will be spilled into our already polluted world. I have since personally seen them in use in Hong Kong and Subic Bay in the Philippines.


Great for Classic Cars

Jonathan Olney

I have used a SuperSpout for the last 5 years and have found it a most useful device for the occasional refuel of my 1924 GP Bugatti!

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Fits standard jerry cans and a wide range of other liquid containers

  • Fits standard 5, 10 & 20 litre jerry cans

  • Contains no moving parts or electronics

  • Can dispense 10 litres every 40 seconds!

SuperSpout has been designed to easily screw onto standard fuel containers quickly and easily making it ideal for use in filling outboard motors, lawnmowers, boats and many more applications.

The 'Pro' version of SuperSpout has a metal clamp designed for use with metal jerry cans.