Superspout World Launch

Posted on Thursday 22nd April 2010 13:00 by superspout

SuperSpout will be exhibiting their innovative pewter spout at the PSP Southampton Boat Show this year.

SuperSpout is a completely new product that has only been in commercial production for just over six months. It was invented in the UK and is made in the UK, winning the Scottish Award for Innovation in 2008.

SuperSpout is unique in that, despite having no moving parts, it combines rapid delivery of fuel with instant shut off when the receiving tank is full and it remains stopped, even after withdrawal. No more funnels, single handed use, even the visually impaired can use it.

SuperSpout just stops - and stays stopped.

This is a world launch and early indications are that there is global interest in this product, particularly with ever increasing regulation on fuel handling and spillage, such as the forthcoming USA regulations, which will require vapour recovery and that no fuel is spilt or splashed on operators.

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How to use SuperSpout

How it works
  1. Fast Fills
  2. No Spills
  3. Just Stops

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Superspout - Fast Fills, No Spills, Just Stops

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Fits standard jerry cans and a wide range of other liquid containers

  • Fits standard 5, 10 & 20 litre jerry cans

  • Contains no moving parts or electronics

  • Can dispense 10 litres every 40 seconds!

SuperSpout has been designed to easily screw onto standard fuel containers quickly and easily making it ideal for use in filling outboard motors, lawnmowers, boats and many more applications.

The 'Pro' version of SuperSpout has a metal clamp designed for use with metal jerry cans.