A Wee Sneak Peek

Posted on Friday 22nd May 2015 11:00 by superspout

As you all know we have been working hard on our new SuperSpout advert and we'd like to tell you a little bit about it.    


Filmed here in Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland we got our SuperSpout crew together to allow us to show the world how SuperSpout works. With the help of a local motorcycle club from Stevenston, a local equipment specialist from Irvine and the use of a boat at Troon Yaught Haven we filmed the demonstration of our award winning fuel can spout. Everyone involved had a great time during filming and we've included some photos here as a small preview of what we have to come.


The use of the SuperSpout did not fail to impress as passersby stopped to ask us about our wonderful product and exactly how it works. We were, of course, happy to demonstrate and the SuperSpout did not disappoint. The fuel flowed effertlessly into each tank, automatically stopping when full, exactly as it should. Our actors and suppliers were equally as impressed and we are pretty sure you will be too! 

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How to use SuperSpout

How it works
  1. Fast Fills
  2. No Spills
  3. Just Stops

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Superspout - Fast Fills, No Spills, Just Stops

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Fits standard jerry cans and a wide range of other liquid containers

  • Fits standard 5, 10 & 20 litre jerry cans

  • Contains no moving parts or electronics

  • Can dispense 10 litres every 40 seconds!

SuperSpout has been designed to easily screw onto standard fuel containers quickly and easily making it ideal for use in filling outboard motors, lawnmowers, boats and many more applications.

The 'Pro' version of SuperSpout has a metal clamp designed for use with metal jerry cans.