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SuperSpout is a limited company based in Ayrshire, Scotland. We have designed and manufactured the SuperSpout product which helps stop dangerous, expensive fuel spills using a patented design.

We have introduced this product into many different markets such as:-

  • Yachting / Boating
  • Motorcycle
  • Gardening
  • Quad Biking
  • Power Tools
  • And many more

SuperSpout's clever design allows it to easily fit most common fuel containers.

And with the development of the SuperSpout Pro, which is designed specifically to fit onto metal jerry cans, we are continuing to develop this product into more markets.

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SuperSpout for Motorcycles - Stop Those Fuel Spills

Posted on Thursday 29th October 2015 09:00 by superspout

We recently wrote to let you all know that our new SuperSpout videos were ready to be realeased and we have now unleashed them onto our YouTube channel. SuperSpout's fabulous inventor is the star of the show and each video gives an example of the fuel saving SuperSpout in a ...

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See for yourself how our Superspout works! Check out our new TV advert as seen on STV! t.co/… #Superspout #Ayrshire #STV

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Fits standard jerry cans and a wide range of other liquid containers

  • Fits standard 5, 10 & 20 litre jerry cans

  • Contains no moving parts or electronics

  • Can dispense 10 litres every 40 seconds!

SuperSpout has been designed to easily screw onto standard fuel containers quickly and easily making it ideal for use in filling outboard motors, lawnmowers, boats and many more applications.

The 'Pro' version of SuperSpout has a metal clamp designed for use with metal jerry cans.